Not Overlooked


Hi Everyone! 

Thank you for your patience.  It has been a few weeks since I posted.  I have so much to share and couldn’t decide what to share first. 

I settled on one of my favourites.  It’s funny how we…




Hi everyone! 

It has been an interesting week.  With being home at the moment, I have more time to pursue my faith in God than ever before, and I don’t want to waste it.  I have been reading through Matthew…

Opposite Action

Hi everyone! 

What an unusual time we are living in.  It is a time of isolation and with that can come a host of emotions.  So I want to share with you my experience this past week and what God…

It's Not About the Building!

Hi Everyone! 

I had an interesting conversation with my daughter today.  We were sitting on the couch processing some of this craziness.  We talked about how home has been peaceful and we are choosing not to live in fear or…

Red Lights



Hi Everyone! 

This week is a grocery store lesson.  I went to our hometown grocery store and took in the reusable bags.  These bags are so easy to overfill because they carry so much!  So the bag was just a…

Redeeming Emotions 


Hi everyone! 

Last week I talked about C.H. Spurgeon and his understanding of being chosen and planted by the rivers of water.  God supplies our every need; he is the water our hungry souls thirst for.  It does not mean…

You are Chosen


Hi Everyone! 

I am reading the Exposition of the Psalms by C.H. Spurgeon and  have been reflecting on Psalms 1:3 this past week.  My eyes have been opened to this verse with new revelation of it’s true meaning and I…

Believing in What You Cannot See



Hi Everyone! 

It has been an exciting week with the video release for the title track of my EP Beyond The Fallout.  Yet along with this excitement came some pretty big feelings.  Before recording my music, we sat down with…


I am what I worship

Hi Everyone! 

In my attempt to build my relationship with God more this year, and fall in love all over again, I read something this morning that really challenged me. 

I’ve been reading a book called True Worshipers by Bob…

If Not for Love


Hi Everyone! 

My last blog was about finding revelation this year.  As I was driving to church with my family, I reflected on how God had answered my prayer last year to become more passionate.  Yet, with all this passion…

Revelation Not Resolution

Hi Everyone! 

I hope you all had a beautiful New Years! 

Last January, the leaders of our church held a servant leaders night and shared with us what God had put on their hearts.  Our Pastor explained how he really…


Hi Everyone! 

Last Christmas, my eyes were opened to a part of the Christmas story that is not emphasized; and yet such a beautiful act of love. 

Christmas is a beautiful celebration of the birth of Christ, our Saviour and…