Every Little Blessing


Hi Everyone! 

In every tough circumstance I have walked through, there is one thing that has been so important to me and that is reflecting on every little blessing.  No matter how little the blessing.  There is always at least one thing to be thankful for. 

I try every day to list a few things to thank God for, no matter how small or big.  I believe it is important to guard my heart against bitter thoughts, against being negative and against thinking critically.  I have tried my best to remain an optimist, which is challenging some days. 

I believe strongly in what it says in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 & 18: 

“Make your life a prayer.  And in the midst of everything be always giving thanks, for this is God’s perfect plan for you in Christ Jesus.”  The Passion Translation 

In my darkest days, I could thank God for those in my life who surrounded me with love and  helped me where they could. I could give thanks for the little things my kids would do that would put a smile on my face in the middle of my sadness and brokenness.  For the many pictures the kids would draw, the jokes they would tell, the little hugs they would give, and their boundless energy that kept me busy. Too busy during the day to stew over how I was feeling.  Sometimes that felt like a good thing. 

One of my favourite memories during this time of my life, was two little fingerprints.  My daughter was only three and by accident she left two little fingerprints on my windshield, directly above my steering wheel.  It created a perfect heart.  When I would drive at night, the lights from the oncoming traffic would light up her heart-shaped prints and it would always put a smile on my face.  It would remind me of how in the hard times, I had the beautiful love of a child. 

I wrote a song about her little fingerprints. It was one of those little blessings that meant the world to me.  I called it Fingerprints. I knew she would grow older one day and I wouldn’t have that van anymore.  Believe me, I left her fingerprints on my windshield for more than three years, I wouldn’t let anyone clean them away.  I wanted to forever remember counting every little blessing. 

I believe a shift happens in our souls when we start giving thanks for the good things, no matter how small, and refuse to focus on only the bad things.  The bad things don’t go away and we need to process them and heal, however, there is a time for that and a time for focusing on the good.  It doesn’t do us any good emotionally and physically to only focus on those things that weigh us down. 

I want to encourage each of you to think of one or two things each day to be thankful for.  Count every little blessing.  See how it changes your heart and your perspective.  The hardest things we have to walk through can sometimes become a little more bearable, when we have noticed the things that have made us feel thankful. 

May God reveal to you today and this week every little blessing! 


Andrea Vestby

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