God with Us 

Hi Everyone! 

Thank you for your patience, it’s been a few weeks since I posted.  I wanted to keep consistent with the blog, however, life gets in the way occasionally.  I know this time of the year is busy for…

All You Need is a Little

Hi Everyone! 

My husband challenged me this past week about my attitude.  I was really defensive at first, you know how that goes.  Yet, the more I reflected on what he said,  the more I realized he was right. 


Everyone Sees Mountains

Hi Everyone! 

One important lesson I’ve learned, with everything I’ve gone through, is not belittling other people’s problems when mine feel so huge.  Everyone see mountains.  Each challenge, each circumstance that happens in our lives that is out of our…

The Bitter Weed

Hi Everyone! 

One of the greatest challenges we face in this life, no matter what the circumstances inspiring it, is not letting bitterness take root.  I have struggled with the bitter weed.  I feel like bitterness is a terrible weed…

Roses and Thorns

Hi everyone! 

I had a thought this week about roses and thorns.  It is a reflection of the years and all the struggles I have faced.  Roses are a beautiful flower. So delicate and pretty.  However, you have to hold…

Every Little Blessing


Hi Everyone! 

In every tough circumstance I have walked through, there is one thing that has been so important to me and that is reflecting on every little blessing.  No matter how little the blessing.  There is always at least…

You are Not the Only One

Hi Everyone! 

I started attending a course called Family Connections to learn more about emotional dysregulation.  The first class was an overview and all about getting to know the Instructors and the fellow attendees.  It reminded me that no matter…

Live With No Guilt

Hi Everyone! 

I wanted to post a video, as I had shared last week, of the song Be In The Moment.  However, I had technical difficulties and will have to post that when I have it recorded properly.  I am…

Be in the Moment 



Hi everyone! Thank you so much for joining me again this week 

The last three weeks, my family has been going through some difficult times and it would be overwhelming;  if I let it be.  I have been on this…

Be Your Own Advocate

It’s just a short post this week.  It’s been a rough week personally, as there have been some mental health challenges in my family. 

I was trying to be chronological in my own recovery and healing from my past, so…

Be Courageous 


Hi Everyone! 

Reflecting this week on my experiences and my current life struggles, I want to encourage you to be courageous. 

The Websters dictionary defines courageous as “:having or characterized by courage: BRAVE” 

The Oxford dictionary defines courageous as “not…


Hi Everyone! 

I want to speak candidly today about how living with abuse can be so unrecognizable to victims.  I think it’s hard to understand sometimes why people stay in abusive relationships. 

I want to clarify that there are many…