When Puzzle Pieces Are Missing 


Hi Everyone! 

One of my journal entries, early on, shared a sermon I heard two Sundays after the chaos began.  The Pastor shared how he was at his daughter’s preschool and she was showing him the classroom. They started a puzzle together, which she said was really, really hard.  He spoke about how it truly was a difficult puzzle and they persevered until it was done.  However, at the end two pieces were missing.  He shared how our walk with God is like this puzzle, it is worth the struggles and triumphs.  He shared how life can be difficult and we have to persevere.  God wants us to persevere with Him.  Even if puzzle pieces may be missing, it is worth building life with God at our side. 

I appreciated this analogy.  I was really struggling with the loss of so many things.  So many puzzle pieces were missing in my life.  I had lost my marriage, and I lost some of my dreams; how I wanted my life to look.  I was a homeschooling Mom and a stay-at-home Mom.  I now had to enrol my children in school, research what career to pursue and become a working Mom.  My puzzle definitely had a few holes in it. 

The more I thought about it, though, even if pieces are missing, you can still see the picture.  It is still beautiful.  So I went home after church and wrote some lyrics out.  I wrote: 


My heart is broken, my world’s been torn apart. 

It’s like a great big puzzle, with pieces taken out 

These pieces are gone now and the holes remain 

Is the picture still visible or is it meant to change 


My God makes everything beautiful 

My God makes everything beautiful 

My God makes everything beautiful 

He makes everything beautiful, in His time…in His time.


Brokenness clouds my mind and nothing feels right 

I turn my eyes to you, from the darkness to Your light 

I know that you are walking every step with me 

I’ll surrender it all and choose to believe 


This song “start” was the inspiration for a different version.  I recorded the revised song, called “Beautiful”, on the EP Beyond The Fallout.  My inspiration was from Ecclesiastes 3:11, “In His time, God makes everything beautiful.”  I will always love the analogy of the puzzle.  I have pieces missing, and I always will, but the picture is still beautiful and God is so worthy of building my life with.  Don’t give up on Him, He will never give up on you. 

If you feel like you have pieces missing to your puzzle and you are struggling, ask God today to show you the bigger picture.  I pray that you can see the beauty in your life despite the pain.  I pray that you can find hope in the struggle.



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