Roses and Thorns

Hi everyone! 

I had a thought this week about roses and thorns.  It is a reflection of the years and all the struggles I have faced.  Roses are a beautiful flower. So delicate and pretty.  However, you have to hold them just right.  As beautiful as they are, they have a sharpness.  I am a rose.  I know God sees beauty in me, as He sees beauty in all of us. 

However, I sport some good thorns.  I know that I have hurt those who’ve gotten close to me at times. I know that there have been times where in my desperation to deal with my situation, I have hurt people and I have offended others.  They see the rose, but when they get too close to help they get pricked by the thorns.  Some people give up right away and don’t feel like this rose is worth the pain.  Some people push past the initial pain of the thorns and find a way to still see the beauty and how to hold the rose. 

For all those who have held this rose despite my thorns, I want to thank you. 

Please be encouraged, do not avoid the roses.  I am not the only rose.  There are many who need us to see the beauty of who God created them to be.  The circumstances we have weathered have created a few thorns, yet each one of us is worth knowing despite the thorns.  Don’t give up on those in your life who are struggling with painful circumstances and are sharp at times.  Hurt people often hurt people.  Please see the beauty in each person, and find a way around the thorns to love them and nurture them. 

Love the Roses and the thorns. 


Andrea Vestby

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